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Well i finished the wheel took 2 days i will have pictures shortly.Right know im watching hidalgo
Well i strated the wheel and its coming out well.I will have pictures soon.Umm so far its been one night started it about 6 7 pm tonight and stoped 12am.The genorator is finished and the wheel is coming along and devils joyrides set up has been posepond untill i get photos from another carnival on what the back and sides look like. 
Did you purchase the Faller Giant Wheel with the lighting kit? If you did not purchase the lighting kit, and just the wheel itself, then you have no worries about wiring. The instructions show how to attach the wiring, but that is only if you have the lighting kit. Otherwise ignore that part of the instructions. But if you do wish to have lights on it (each gondola has its own light) then you need to purchase the lighting kit BEFORE you assemble the model, and follow those instructions. Mine does not have the lighting kit, I just used "puff paint" to put the fake tubro lights on the spokes and rim and around the sign I put on the hub.
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ok i am geting overwelmed i opened the wheel up and i forgot i didn't use comman scince the intructions are german i am hoping i can bild it with the pictures.It also looks hard becuase of the wireing.I have never delt with wiring.lIke you have to wire around the wheel to the in side of the turning hub or what ever its called i feel like i am actually going to put the la grande wheel up with no help or a english

but i am going to try it.
OK hears some old models pics of mine. 
sorry if you have allready seen them i will add more
Post some pics Dan!! Im planning to start modeling soon, starting off with a scratch built Yo-Yo and Sea Ray. And with my friend into metal now, I might start off with a diecast Gravitron in which you could tear down and set-up, but it won't be HO ... lol
Maybe he needs to see it RAH has SNAP-TITE
That's great, build the model to look how you want. I do that a lot. You don't always have to build a model to be exactly like the instructions say. By that I mean, if you want different colours, go ahead and paint it; if you don't like the name, pick a different one and make a new sign; don't care for the decals, you can put your own on. Lots of things you can do to make it "your model" and not like everyone elses, just like the real shows can make a ride look different than others, and that is "their ride," (like painting a Sky Wheel different colours than most others and putting different lighting on it than most others).  if you are interested.

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -- Mark Twain
Thanks sky I will do that.Im ight just bild it the way i think it should look.I think he hsould lable the parts but i know he is a bussy guy he should at least do what he does with the labeled one you know the letter next to the peace.Well thanks.
With-it, RAH models are not like standard models, in that the instructions are not detailed, the parts are not labled, he gives a list of parts and quantity, it is up to the builder to figure out what is what. His instructions are very basic and plain, not like Faller or IHC kits, unfortunately. He does include a photograph of the finished product, but only from the front. In order to successfully build an RAH kit, you have to have some model building experience, and at least a little bit of scratch building experience is good.

Daniel, I think Crazyspin has the Devil's Joy Ride dark ride kit, PM or email him, maybe he can help you out. I have a lot of kits from RAH, but not that one.

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -- Mark Twain