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thanks. whenever will be fine. im still waitng on knex to come in
If the weather is good I take the pictures tomorrow and get them to you. If not then it will be the beginning of the week.
yes im talking about a revochorn one. im trying to model it and anythhing would help. all angler are good
Are you refering to the Reverchon Crazy Mouse Coaster? If so what exactly are you looking for? I am sitting ten feet from one and can get what ever you need.
Ride N Rumors has a ton of pics of that ride. Just have to navigate the german language and do lots of searching. I have seen some so I know they are there. About 15-20 pages deep on the picture forum I believe.
does anyone have any pics of it being set up or of the ride from the back side of the ride? im trying to model it but im having a hard time getting the track to connect to the back end of my trailer. thanks