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I saw Goodings Millikn Dollar midways in 1975-1976 in Erie, PA and also in Allentown, Pa in 1977.
In those days they played the Milwaukee Summerfest then Erie, Allentown and then back west to the Indiana State fair.

In an odd coincidence, last night at the NY State Fair a friend of mine handed me an envelope which had a Goodings Million Dollar Midways return address on it. He said he found it while sorting out some old correspondence. I think it is dated 1992.

Bill P.
It was A great show as I truly know !
Sadly to say : It's no longer on the road ![V]

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I don't think it has any pics, but there is some info on the show in there.
I was talking to a guy the other day and he told me about going to a midway called Gooding's Million Dollar Midway years ago and the name of the carnival got me interested.Does anyone know anything about this carnival, anyone know where I could see some photos? Thanks