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MST !!! great shots but could you PLEASE get me a tunnell shot !! I'm really jonesen here in fla... [:D]
it's never 'DANGEROUS' being who you are
Nice photos MST, they look okay to me. Shots at that time of the evening are sometimes difficult to get just right, but these look good. Nice midway. Looks like the fair got their wish.
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did you take the cover off of the lens?
"Everytime you open your mouth you make it harder and harder to take you seriously"
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MST, you complained about the QUALITY of equipment last year and we shook our heads in disbelief. You wanted superb QUALITY for this year and perhaps that change did take place, however, I must express my dissapointment in the QUALITY of your photos. How could you use a cheap digital camera on such a fine show. It is not the quality that we have come to expect here at MCW.

You should be banished from the fairgrounds for life for producing such low QUALITY. You cried about the QUALITY of Coleman but now the shoe is on the other foot. What are you going to do about it? After all, QUALITY IS QUALITY in all situations and you failed us. You must practice what you preach.
Here are some night shots of the Chemung County Fair. I will be adding more night shots to this album in the next few days.