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tore down dragon wagon , bees , and the kite flyer.
Well im not going to travell but i did help tear down the bees tonight.Dam was it great hard messy work and hard work.Its feels great though.I feel like right know just how i felt after the hike in in supai arizona except what im feeling the sorness is a lot less then from the supai arizona hike.
Ya futurecarny was in the same boat a year or two ago.But know im thinking that this might be my last summer in cali so i should spend it with friends and live it up alittle. Yes i might regret it but i will have to live with it.I also want to wait a little because im 18 i think i will wait until 19 or 20.Know if i move to the east coast will i have trouble finding a good carnival?

Thanks you all, well i will make my final decision to day and more then likey its NO.
Where Abouts is your hometown anyway ? Depending on where your currently living, can make or break your choice ! [xx(](For Example : If I was living In the STICKS,(a.k.a.- B.F.E.) & it was 30 miles to the nearest anything , I would definitly run with the wind !!! You only live once , so live it up while you can !Besides.... Being GREEN ,and on the road , will grow HAIR on your Chest ,kinda like a carpet sample ![:0]
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i think you should have chosen to go.
i regret not deciding to go back in March when i had the chance,and now i have to wait until next March before haveing that chance again.
i guess the only reason i did'nt go was because i'm only 16 right now,and well,i wanna stay in school (atleast until next year.) and my gramma convinced me to atleast wait till next year when i'm 17.


heh. thats just my opinion though.

But hey,whatever you decide is always cool. go with your heart and you cant go wrong. [:)]

Horses && Carnivals. <3
Daniel, there's nothing wrong with being spot help, or even a 40-miler. It helps scratch the itch [:)]
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[:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(]im sorry you all im going to pass. Im not going to travell even though i wanted to.Just its better of if i stay hear at home.Well im going to be a little upset even more know again like every time this year becasue The carnival season is hear at home and also that im not travelling.Wa wa wa oh well im a little sad.Tomarow is my last day.[:(!][:(!][:(!] [:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][xx(][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][V][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(][:(]
just make sure you have enough saved ALWAYS for a buss pass home...
The place will eat you alive or make you a man.... the choice is yours good luck !
it's never 'DANGEROUS' being who you are
I don't think you are ready for it. Try for steady employment in your hood, get some good working skills, then decide in a year or two. The midway will eat you alive.
Why Rcs.