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I ment he was a history buff not buss, lol.
Have a good day.
sweet baby
I have enjoyed all the conversation on ab and carousel magazine. I especially got a laugh at Bryans comment about voting Dabbs in as Gibtown president. I enjoyed carousel magazine. They had alot of nice pictures from different shows, and ab got to be more of a entertainment and sports magazine than telling us on whats going on the different shows. I liked Tom Powel when he came to the trade show, he was always very nice, and a good speaker.
ab use to be the bible of carnival business, but no more.
My late husband George Sanders Jr. swore by ab. Many a night he went up to the card room at Tampa club and read all the old ab's while I played cards.
When he bought the ab's on the shows, by the way we were on Strates for ten years, its a beautiful clean show. Anyway what I was saying is he buy two ab's, one to read, and one to preserve. I never could see it, but he was a history buss, and did things like that.

sweet baby
I thought this site was the new AB? [8D]

Might as well be, with the regular contributors, with-it folks, and fans.
Matt, I have to agree with you. I have been a subscriber to AB since 1993. I enjoyed receiving a copy every week, and before this board was up and running it was the only way to get timely information.

I have also been a subscriber to Carousel "Carnival" magazine for the past ten years. I have no qualms with the magazine. It has come a long way in the last few years. Remember that the majority of information in it is supplied by us, the reader. Several of us on this board have been regular contributors. I myself have been absent from sending in information in the past due to job constraints, however I submitted articles regularly for several years. In addition, I have never met Charles Dabbs in person, but have had enjoyable phone conversations over the years. I consider him a friend. I appluad him for what he has done with Carnival.

In my opinion AB is over, gone, history. Who wants to pay a $100 plus for a monthly that has limited coverage of the industry. I currently subscribe to every carnival related publication out there and will always support any effort to provide coverage of a industry that I love, however AB has left me, not me leaving AB.
Yes, Dabbs is the typical carnival type person....he's a nice guy, persuasive, got lots of jackpots and you wonder how many are true, a little all know the routine....I know he's had some past history with some of you all here and there are some people who don't like him...but heck, I say lets vote him in as Gibtown President!


Originally posted by the_rock401

The AB is way too expensive for this college student/carnival fan. I go over to the Minneapolis Public Library to read it.

I have been an AB subscriber for a few years now, and have enjoyed recieving it in the mail, however, with the decreased number of printed issues, and the lack of carnival articles, I decided not to renew my subscription. Why pay $129 a year for 12 issues and a password to read "breaking news" on their web site when you can pay $35 for Carnival for photos and semi reliable news or visit this site for free news that is probaly almost as current as the AB online?

In some ways, I miss it... but in many ways, I cannot blame anyone for not wanting to renew their subscriptions. I have talked to many show owners over the last weeks, and they too are disssapointed in the outcome of the ever popualar "Showmans Bible".
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The AB is way too expensive for this college student/carnival fan. I go over to the Minneapolis Public Library to read it.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you have to take a rain check.

I dont think thier logo looks like any American Bandstand logo I've seen. [?]


Originally posted by Coastercameron

The logo is similar to Billboard magazine, because, they are owned by the same company. I'm not an expert on AB history, but things go way back between the 2 magazines, AB even used to be Billboard before it turned into 2 seperate magazines.

I know about Billboard and AB but whats the connection with American Bandstand?


Posted - 07/08/2004 : 10:37:49 AM by Bryan

Hey Chris, have you ever met Dabbs in person? You have GOT to get to Gibtown this, and he, is a HOOT! Ask CNY Chris or JohnC....ROTFLMAO....

Lemme put it this way.... Dabbs is quite a character.... and a word of warning -- if he finds out that you DON'T subscribe to his magazine, he WILL NOT give up trying to sell you a subscription (heck, if you are a subscriber, he probably won't give up trying to sell you a renewal, LOL). [:D][;)][:D]
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