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It is scary to see any operator bend over to pick up somthing that dropped while the ride is in motion, like the guy did on the Spider last year, getting conked on the head in the process. (From what I heard he came out okay after a long stay in the hospital.)
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oh yeah i remember reading about that bonzai accident, also there was a guy here who got killed from a Ring Of Fire, he was acting like a smart @ss infront of girls, and he was jumping through the wheel while the ride was going, and he slipped and his jumper got caught in the track and it ended up pulling him up then he fell, and the train struck him, severing his body in two halves.

Also I remember another time here in Melbourne when a young guy got killed on a Music Trip (miami) and it had been raining that night at the show, and he slipped on the platform, and as the gondola came down, it struck him.

Steve, apparently some people could use some friendly advice once in a while.

Rides are machines. They don't care who you are, if you get in their way, they will hurt you.

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bloody ali baba! evil things! lol

At least hes not dead. This reminds me of the time the BONZI sent an aofa guy into the sky and over by a neighboring pizza stand. I was on that ride today and I almost wanted to tell the operator not to pick up someones cell phone while the ride is running but I thought it to be in poor taste. [|)]
bloody ali baba! evil things! lol
A guy who worked for me about 25 years ago got hit in the head by a Toboggan car when it came down the big dip. He sure got thunked and he had a hard head. No damage except a headache. Back to work the next day.
I once saw and heard a worker struck in the head by a Fire Chief ride. He went inside the fence to retrieve his jacket which was under the trailer. He stood up as the truck came down and there was the same sound a coconut makes when you drop it on the side walk. Surprisingly he walked away. But, I'll bet he had a nasty headache.
Taken from , don't they ever learn not to fool around with machinery like that...and "None of the passengers was injured" ...who writes this stuff.
"Ride operator struck by Ali Baba ride
(Monday, June 28, 2004) - At a fair in Cambridge, England, a 29-year-old ride operator was struck in the head by the platform of a swinging ride called the Ali Baba. He was hospitalized in critical condition.
The ride did not malfunction, however it was shut down to allow for an investigation.

None of the passengers was injured."