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I just talked to Marco V. the Mouse is on five trailers. They carry a 6 for a shop and bunks
Its not impossible it just costs more.
there are two versions of the Crazy Mouse 'standard' and 'compact. The Stndard is 5 loads and the Compact is 4 loads.

we have an example of both traveling in the UK the links below show the rides and transport.

James Mellors Magic Mouse (Standard) 

Abie Danters Wild Mouse (Compact) 
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Trailer and information can be found on the website 
I beleive it travels on 5 in the U.S.

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Reverchon made the ride i think it was on four trailers but i may be wrong its been a while
Its not impossible it just costs more.
thanks dude. how many traielrs racked, and whos the mfg?
Go to Dade County Set-up and on i think page 5-6 there are racked pics as well as assembly.
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Its not impossible it just costs more.
anyone have any pics of the crazy mouse coaster, like the one a of a ones racked? thanks!!!