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tar to funny !!!! Hurlyed off the lot ![:D]can't wait to see yer pics... bass are jumpin [8D]
it's never 'DANGEROUS' being who you are
I stopped by last night about 7:30 and spoke to Bill Johnson and his keyman , the crowd was med. but was improving by 8pm. Good ride line up, clean uniformed ride ops with floral shirts on games staff. I meant to check out the new generator but forgot about it. The Zamp. Kite Flyer is sharp, good mass and colors. I watched the Drop Zone for awhile, it was doing well as was the Wisdom Himalaya.

I will see if the 6 pics I took will work out in a 360 deg. QT object movie on monday. Otherwise, I will post a few pics. The 360 is taken with a Kedian tripod head on a tripod and revolved in one place. I did a little video for the practice but tried to b inconspicuous so as to not offend the crew and or get Hurlyed off the lot.[;)]
Fantasy is very close, I will pop in there shortly.