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Thanks guys for the comments on my pics. I do intend to get a newer and better camera than the 2.3 meg with no optical zoom one that I have now. The unit of Butler that was at the fair is Lance's-the same unit I was not at all impressed with last year when it came here to Salinas. This year his equipment looked cleaner and fresher-even though the canvas on the MGR looked like it had been forgot when they cleaned all the rest of the tops. Some of the pieces are in need of some TLC and paint, but overall the show looked good. I was only there during the day so I do not know how the lights are-what was on looked ok. The outstanding piece was the "SPIN OUT" with its crew of Dave and Dave. I had never seen the ride before and was blown away with how smooth it looked. If you saw the pictures I posted you saw the sign limiting the weight to 225 lbs. That left me out of riding- darn it, but gave me a chance to talk to Dave for quite a while. The ride is show owned and jumps back and forth between units. The only thing it needed was a much better sound system-it ws next to the square top HIMI which was blowing it away on the tunes. LOL
The ride jocks and the games people all had on clean uniforms and most seemed to be enjoying the day. Over all I am darn glad the company I work for paid me to go spend a great day at the fair.
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Great pics pat , brings back memories . The few joint shots a saw were Bobby Ellis's , the west coast's own Ed Gregory of sorts . I even recognized his help , some of them have been with him as long as his old stock has ! If ya go back out , see if "Jimmy the Jew " still has his novelty stands up . He's a little Charles Bronson looking guy w/ glasses , if ya' see him tell him Eli says hello .
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Excellent photos, in my opinion. I like the different angles and such that made for interesting views of the equipment. Also, lots of great looking equipment there. Obviously a good looking show all around.
Pat, the link works just fine. Great pics, too! Looks like a nice show for sure. I like all the up close detail pics of the equipment. Nice Kamikaze, interesting (and nice) choice for a colour scheme, although I have not seen one missing the circular centre piece of lights. Overall, nice looking show. Thanks for sharing the photos. [:)]
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Anyway-if that works and you would like to see what we have out here on the BEST COAST, enjoy the pics. I wish I had the ability that most of you have to get good pictures (especially Hurley), but these will give you a pretty good idea of what the equipment looked like. I will try to give a rundown on the show later this evening-after supper.
WestCoastPat-Proud Mark of all things Carnival. STILL a "FAN BOY"-and proud of it.