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Yep, sometimes a great location that is visible from a couple of different directions is what it takes. For example, right now Mid America Shows has a unit set up at Universal Mall in Warren, Michigan, and you can see the carnival from either direction on 12 Mile Road and either direction on Dequindire Road. And with tall rides, you can see them from quite a distance. And some shows will put out handbills or posters the week before they get there, or the mall or shopping centre will advertise it on a sign outside a week to ten days before the event. If it is a sponsored spot, like by the Rotary or Lions Club, or Jaycees, etc., they will usually handle the promotion. Of course, some shows have exclusive agreements with certain shopping centres, so no other show can come in and play the spot (like Wade with Gibraltar Trade Centre in Taylor and Mount Clemens). They only problem with that is, if there is another large shopping centre nearby (sometimes right across the street) another show could come in early and play that spot. But, I do not really see that here in the Detroit area, but I guess it can be a problem someplace else. [:)]
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Sponsors and location, location, location.
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Thanks to everyone it helps me understand the still dates a bit better. It does however bring up another question. How do shows expect the general public to find them? Do they advertise in newspapers/radio/tv or how? Just curious and trying to understand a bit more how the business works.
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The real reason most shows don't list their still dates is because they don;t want other shows to beat them in. Many a time when I was around some of the Boston Mass shows, they wouldn't tell us where we were going until teardown day. in fact, the old joke was. "Do you know where we are going next week?" "No, just follow the Jenny trailer off the lot." (Jenny is the Merry-go-round for you first of Mays out there.)
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May 19-23 Shopko plaza in Rothschild have fun get an elephant ear.
Yeah, still dates, especially shopping centre spots, are hard to figure out. Some shows return to the same shopping centre(s) every year at the same time, some return to the same shopping center each year just on different dates, some play a spot once and do not come back, sometimes no one plays a shopping centre anymore, it is hard to figure out no matter what show it is.

Sometimes you just luck into finding out about a shopping centre still date. For example, from 2000-2003 Playworld Amusements played Wonderland Mall in Livonia, Michigan, but said they would not be there this year, since the mall was scheduled to be torndown in April. Well, the teardown is on hold right now, and lo and behold I find out last week that at the last minute Wade Shows' third unit was going to play Wonderland Mall, and they are there now through next weekend.

Some are easy, like this one: Wade plays around Westland Mall each May, and have since 1997. The only thing that changes is the start date in May and exactly where around the mall. Example: 1997-1998 they were across the street from the mall in the former Handy Andy store parking lot (and it was actually the second unit). In 1999 (and thereafter) it was the third unit, and they were on mall property in back of JC Penney. In 2000 they were along Warren Road in front of JC Penney. In 2001-2002 they were along Wayne Road right in front of the mall. In 2003 they were back behind the mall, across the street, in the former Service Merchandise store parking lot. And this year they will be across from the mall, in the former Quo Vadis Theatre parking lot on Wayne Road.

A lot of shows do not like to give still date info, because they feel that getting that out ahead of time could allow for another show to set up before them in the general area. But I look at it this way, if show A wants to find out where show B is playing, or show C is playing, they will, regardless if a show tries to keep their route a "secret" or not. Some shows, like Mid America, post their entire route, which is cool, and shows they are not worried about other shows. Part of that, I know, is they play an area where there can be a number of shows playing, but still be spread out enough not to really impact each other, but you get the idea. Wade Shows does not publish their Michigan spring route, and they say it is because it changes from year to year, but if you ask them where they are going next, they will tell you.

Like I said, it all depends on the show. [:)]

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I've been trying to find out the same kind of info for Kentucky...but it doesn't seem like anyone knows. Best thing to do is call the a cell number if you have one...and just tell them who you are and what you wanna do...if they think you'll spend money they'll prolly be glad to tell you where they are gonna be.
How does one find out when and where shows are playing still dates? I would love to go to more shopping center events but rarely find anything online or by means of advertising for the spring carnivals in Central WI. Well, anyway if anyone knows of some shopping center dates in Central WI this spring I would appreciate the info. In particular the Stevens Point, Wausau, Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids area. Even if you have to PM the info thanks I appreciate it!
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