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Your right Ohio Ron, that is a Reverchon Himalaya, it is clear from the sweeps and the braces there that go to the roof sections. Their Super Himalaya center was on a PUp trailer, I believe that Farrow Shows Himi is on a Pup as well.

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It looks like it could be a Himalaya load based on the sweeps.
Doesnt appear to me to be a coaster. Did you get any closer to it? Describe what you saw. What are the "orange" color things on the trailer? Look to be some sort of sweeps.
Looks like it could be a coaster...
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Sorry i can't tell what ride it is off hand.
if you know could you please tell me what ride it is?

I have a question.
This ride
was sitting on the lot at the Bluegrass Winter Quarters and didn't make it out on the road so far this season.
Can anyone identify it?