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Originally posted by secret.squirrel

IRC Server: (or any other US DALNet server)
IRC Channel:

Im here now should anyone wanna join me [:)]
Updated for Mac users:  . This is for Mac users only, but seems to be fairly up to date, and should help you some as you try to get connected.

I don't know how to configure it for a Mac, but you will need this information:

IRC Network: DALNet (
IRC Server: (or any other US DALNet server)
IRC Port: 6667, 6668, or 6669 will work (6667 is default - try first)
IRC Channel:

That, along with the help files from the website should get our Mac users connected too. Good luck and hope to see you there!
Here are as detailed as instructions as I could put together for setting up mIRC on a Windows computer for use with the chatroom. A Macintosh version of this FAQ will be available soon.

Be patient with the images on this page, as they are detailed and will take a long time to load over a modem (or dialup connection).

Step 1: Download mIRC from the mIRC website 
Select a download site near you and click the link.

Step 2: Install mIRC

Select OPEN when the dialogue box appears.
This will start the installation process.

You will see several dialogue boxes through this process:

You will need to make the last input box match the shown directly above. This will open mIRC for the last steps below.

Step 3: Configure mIRC
When mIRC first runs, you will see the screen shown next (Click Continue):

Now, you will need to enter in some information in the next couple steps.
Your fullname does not have to be accurate. Make something up (i did). DO NOT put in your REAL email address either. Make up some random numbers or something like this: or something to that effect.
Enter in a nickname -- this is how you will be known on irc. If your nickname is taken, you may have to choose another one (or just add a couple numbers on the end of yours). Put in an alternative nickname as well.

Then click the Identd item in the list like shown below:
You will see the box shown above (with the default values). Make the options look like the picture above, then fill in a User ID (make it something like your nickname) -- limit is like 12 characters, I believe.

Then click the Servers item in the list like shown below:
You will see the box shown above (with the default values). You need to make it look like the one below:

Once they match, click the OK button.

Step 4: Connect to IRC and join the channel
Click the lightnight bold icon (in the upper left corner of the window (shown above). This will connect you to the DALNet IRC servers.

Step 5: Join the Channel
Once you connect to the server, you will get a windows popup that shows you a list of 'favorite channels'. Fill in the blank with and click Add, then click Join.

A new window should appear that says in the corner -- this is the chatroom.

If I am legitimately there, my name should look like this: @secretsquirrel. If you are suspect of whether or not it is me, you can email me through my forum profile (requires membership to these forums).

Additional Notes:
Once you have connected to IRC with mIRC the first time, you may not get as many questions the next time you login. By default, the program will always open up a connect window. You can click Connect to Server once you have setup everything the first time and been able to enter the room. IF you didn't get to the room originally above, you will need to check your options as in Step 3 above to connect. (Options button is the one with a Hammer in it next to connect in your mIRC window).

Some commands for IRC to remember:
/nick nickname changes your current nickname on IRC
/join #channelname joins a channel (/join
/leave leaves a channel
/quit quits IRC and disconnects from the IRC network.

More to come in the future, but this is rushed so here it is!