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OH NO! STAY OFF THE SIDEWALKS AND OUT OF THE BUILDINGS!!! [:p][:p][:p] JK Jus funnin' with ya bro. Congrats and Congrats. [:D]
Have you paid your dues Jack? Yeah I paid my dues. The check is in the mail.
I meant that as a figure of speach. It's actually mechanical and triggered by different points in the track.[;)]
WELCOME BACK JUSTIN!!!!!! [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

By the way, "X"'s flips are not programmed, It is part of the Track. [;)][:D]
I spent the last three weeks in and on the way back from Southern Cali. Saw a few shows and lots of parks. Here the list and the reports are at the bottom...

California Adventure
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Castle Park
Shamrock Shows
WQ for Falling Star Ent.
Other rides on the road and such

Disneyland and California Adventure:
Not bad at all. The only thing that I didn't like was that Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Big Thunder Mountain (cause of the accident on it) were all closed yet you paid full price with NO warning of the closed rides. Beautiful places though.

Six Flags Magic Mountain:
Awesome rides, sucky park. Poor operations but the rides that were there made up for it. I rode "X". This is a coaster the seats you with your feet dangling and the cars are programed to flip to different points during the ride. You start off backwards and then accend the hill on you back. You are then plunged into a 90 degree drop and your cars are flipped (VERY FAST!!!) to face the ground. A series of inversions and then corkscrews with the cars rolling at the same time followed. To date, the most INTENSE and TERRIFYING ride I have EVER ridden. AWESOME!!!. Several rides were closed though. Deja Vu, Flashback, SkyTower, Monorail, Orient Express, Atom Smasher(mack himi)[V]. Overall GREAT rides, poor operations though. Rode the Rotor, spun but NO FLOOR dropping. One train running on many coasters. Caused for a 3 hour wait on Goliath.

Castle Park:
Basicly a carnival that doesn't move. Needed A LOT of lighting and paint work on everything. Here's the lineup...

Falling Star
Eli Wheel
Thunderbolt (fastest one I've ever seen)
Drop Tower
Gravitron (fiberglass top and air conditioning unit in back)
Merlin's Revenge (small chance coaster)
Sea Dragon
Yo Yo (OLD!!!)
Cyclone Racer (Mack Himalya)
CP Huntington Train
Central Park

Shamrock Shows:
REALLY NICE looking show. EVERY bulb on there century wheel worked and ALL in sequence and flashing correctly. Here's the lineup...

Century Wheel
Sizzler (gorgeous)
Yo Yo (needs work)
Gee Wizz
Chicago Loop (Larson Super Loop, need LOTS of work)
Kite Flyer

various kid rides...