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I'll have to get some of that "mountain dew" from ya bossman , gonna need some for celebration when the little one arrives . [:D]
So, in a few years, if you're walking down a midway and see a Sixcat or a Swinger or a bucket, look around. You might recognize an old man with a smile on his face. Especially if he's saying, "Hey Buddy, can I ask ya?" -sixcat,circa. 2007
Eat your hearts out, withit, Lance Bair and 2ndgen. I wouldn't trade it for lance whales with the popper thrown in.


You have wanted to see pictures of The Three Amgios equipment. bigeli and I met for the first time today in Wilmington at his place of business. He was kind to offer to scan the only photo I had with me of The Three Amigos first ride, which I have in my in line now. Pinetar, the big wooden barrel is from our still and we run a batch off everyday 'cept Sundays. We sell the dippings on our medicine show. It may not heal you, but you won't give a damn if you are sick or not.
bigeli's littleli is due around April 26 I think. Hope it's born on April 7, my birthday.