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So we're not going on a winter route? I heard of a guy that sneak the show into Cuba for the winter. ( talk about a spot ripe for the pickin).We may have to become communist. Oh well, the things we do for money.Viva la <s>Revoltion</s>Castro.
Shr mentioned you by name. ... No problem Opie.
I take full responsability for the Frolic guy.
You can however call off the war, as I have no idea who the Florida woman is and I don't have it in me right now to put up enough of a fight to make it interesting for you.


Nick I'll come help you with that frolic. If your within an hour or two of columbus give me a hooler and I'll come help, BTW thanks for the half a chip. It really helps. Opie
Alright hooka... I let the 1st time with the [edit] about the Frolic slide, but this, oh this means war. I see no reason the be referring a lady who acn barely speak our language from Miami Florida to me. You know i do not play Florida and you know i have all the interperting i need with Kevin Nolan, but oh no, you just couldn't resist could you...THIS MEANS WAR!