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I'm locking this one for a couple reasons... For whatever reasons Mike chooses to go is his business... Everyone has an off day. I don't know if this is what happened to him last night, but anyone in the biz can relate to 'one of those days'... Although he might have made some off key comments, he has been a long-standing member for years, and I don't think this is how it should go down. I know some of you are upset by his remarks, and that's your business. I know that it's 'spring time' and everyone is getting 'that itch' to get back out on the road in the sun where the money's at... (and the girls and rides, too)... All I do know is that whether or not we agree with his thoughts, we all agree that we don't want to wind up with bashing all over the place, and even if you're upset over it, by bashing right back, we only make the problem worse...

Mike -- I understand your frustrations man, and you should take this from someone who deals with a 500 member userbase and a site that does 50,000+ page hits a month. Sometimes I just want to pull the plug on it all, but I know that's not the answer. I hate to see you go man, as you and I have gotten to be friends since I started getting involved here on the forum, but if that's what you gotta do, then so be it.

-- onward and upward my friend -- good luck in your future seasons --

After reading his posts on the opic of Opie's house, im glad to see him go, we don't need poeple like that on this site or in this business, We don't let our guys fight, you fight each other you're gone. There will be plenty of other fights with marks and/or general public, save it for them, not your family.
Mike you're a good guy , I'm sure we'll hear from ya' sooner then ya' think . I've stormed out of rooms many times , but I always returned to hash things out . I can appreciate your skepticism towards the situation , however this was most likely not the case . And if indeed it is , oh well....
So, in a few years, if you're walking down a midway and see a Sixcat or a Swinger or a bucket, look around. You might recognize an old man with a smile on his face. Especially if he's saying, "Hey Buddy, can I ask ya?" -sixcat,circa. 2007
Hey Mike I have blost all my respect for you. You need to grow up. Another typical Yankee. No offense to anyone else, but I used to live in CT,NY,NJ area and they have some of the rudest people.
It's ok to voice our opinion, it never stopped me but most likely you will be back in a month or too and that's kuul.
no offence to matt or SS .... but Mike you make me sick !
it's gonna be no skin off my big fat blonde [system edit] if you go.... Your supose to be a CARNY and that spells FAMILY no matter what ! we may not like what each other says, and we may fight and bash each other but that still does not account for your rude posting...
bossman's postings does nothing but keep us all entertained when most of you are out playing dates there's no harm in that....It's a gentle reminder of times when we were out on the road ... some of you know my story, but this web sight has given me a chance to remember when being in the carnival was good , the people were good and we were all family we stuck togeather threw thick and thin .....
nough said ...
it's never 'DANGEROUS' being who you are
Mike - sent you a PM.
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Mike, I dont think anyone will beg you to stay. The choice is yours. But, I thought we were all friends here....we have built a community and when something of a terrible nature happens like did to Opie...I think it is good for us all to know about it. And, you know, Bossman, John and I were just livening up a dead place last winter...but I'm not gonna defend that. I will miss your informative posts and hearing about the success of BSA. Take care and best of luck with the show. Hopefully at Gibtown we can sit and talk next year and spend more time together.
Some people know when they are not welcome!


Originally posted by SDS Mike

no offense to matt or squirrel, both are great guys and have helped and done alot for me...but this site has become to much crap....if its not bossman bsing about some phony show hes got on a barge somewhere or opie talking about his house burning down..its the same BS kitchen countertop model pics or routes or ride therefore..i am going to stop comming to this site from now on....good luck to alll...have a great season....but its time to shut the lights off on this ferris wheel....again good luck to all, have a great season...whether it be a real show, or models....take care

Why don't ya start a KNOCKERS CLUB site?