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Hey Pat, it's Cain, why did you go back to the Oscars name, what happen to Imes amusements? is Tommy still with you? You can contact me at all getting old aren't we......
Oscar's is owned by Pat Imes and his mother Betty. Joe is Pat's brother. Tons of Fun is owned by David ans Sue Ellen (Imes) Pfeffier(sp). Sue is Pat's sister. Dee Ketchum is another sister. She is the wife of John Ketchum, currently concessions manager with Wade...formerly with S and S.

There are certain areas of Philly that it's better to avoid. We are down to 3 spots in the city. We had as many as 6 or 7 but gave up 2 and one lost it's location.

A man's legacy isn't the business he leaves behind; it's the family he leaves behind.

Thanks for the CORRECT info Hoffa.

The Tilt on oscars site looks like the one that is for sale.

Is he related to Oscars? Because i also know Oscars has a relation with a show called Tons of Fun Shows. I could be wrong

The Philly Spots look almost the same. It just seems to me they added a few new locations.

I don't see how a Philly spot could be bad. but i heard some shows like to stay out of that area.

The Tilt belonged to Joe Imes, not the actual company Oscar's. He is primarily involved in games and may have decided he didn't want to move iron anymore.

And the Philly dates are no different than normal. They always played 4 or 5 in the Spring.

A man's legacy isn't the business he leaves behind; it's the family he leaves behind.

I just found out yesterday on that Oscars Amusements of PA is selling their Tilt due to downsizing of the operation?

That don't sound good because if you read most ads they say selling because of making room for NEW equipment.

And i also see alot of Philadelphia PA spots on their 2004 route which doesnt sound good either.

They have about a 20 ride operation it shouldnt be something they can't handle.

If anymore Rides go up for sale on this company then i think we can sense money issues?

Last year was an awful season i suppose and i guess i am lucky to see these amusement companies actually getting out of the barn this spring.

I have another show i just found out in PA that is in big money trouble.

But i will not get into details about this certain show because it is just a RUMOR and i need some links or proof to confirm my case. So that might get posted at a later time.