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Wade Shows has some pretty unique pieces but my personal favorite is the Fighter. But it hasn't been out since 2019 and iirc the last place it was at was the 2019 Oklahoma State Fair. It would normally start out in West Palm Beach for the South Florida Fair, then visit the Florida State Fair in Tampa, then the final Florida stop would be the Central Florida Fair. In the spring it used to play the Fiesta San Antonio, then some of the bigger Michigan fairs, then it would play the Nebraska State Fair and the Oklahoma State Fair (iirc it also went to Tulsa the first year Wade did the Tulsa State Fair but the next year there was no room since they had to make room for the Crazy Cat, Mighty Mouse, and the flume ride) before heading to Raleigh for the North Carolina State Fair.

It's still listed on their website so I assume they didn't sell it.

Will it be back on the road anytime soon? It's one of the most unique attractions and photos and videos just don't do it enough justice!