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My guy sprayed the board with some @#%# for cleaning batteries .I asked him to make sure no pins were caroded or making a bad connection . Only 3 guns were not working ,but nothing works now . It was on for a couple mins couple pops and I shut it off , I removed all the boards cleaned off the battery cleaner gunk with electronic cleaner . re assambled but nothing works . The board will start flashing with nothing connected to it . I do have a electronic guy coming Thurs to see what he can find . Any Idea what to do . Can I ship them to you , Do you have boards in stock ? I don't have much faith in repairing Dennys boards . 14 player . PS I also have a Balloon a Rama water game , you sent me a replacement board last year , but when I press the paid button it congradulates the winner and music starts . Something backwards , other boards work good in this location.