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Yes, I too miss the AB. We had it on Murphy Brothers when I broke into the business. Pancho (G-Top) would bring them around. Still remember the time we were standing in line to get paid and a friend was at the top of the stairs getting his. Heard him ask, "whats this" about a $5 draw and it heard Mr. Pearson say "for that AB you paid for out of the apron" lol. We jointees ALWAYS saved the spring and fall issues for the routes.
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I miss having it delivered to the ride by Iris...
Ride the Zipper?
Now don't get me wrong I really enjoy Matt's website and the forum and such, but I do miss that weekly AB coming in the mail, always went straight to the back of the issue to see what was going on, then went over the amusement park news, I know AB was banned on some shows, heard about that, but we had on ours. Anyone have any stories about the days of AB?