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Don't forget Reithoffer....
I thought the big coaster RCS purchased from Steve Vandorvorst was already named WindStorm?
Wade has the RC-48 and Fighter up for sale. Have not used the Fighter since 2018 or 2019... The RC-48 was just up at the Florida State Fair, but who knows if it will get used again during the remainder of the season? The Wade/Wood wheel is very nice, but not in the same class as the RCS and NAME wheels...
Also, believe NAME is down to 1 flume now (the one from Conklin - Niagra Falls). Heard that they sold the other one (the one from Farrow - White Water).
Running capacity a 24 tub Reverchon Himalaya would occasionally beat the Conko's Dopple Looping.

One of those big wheels? I don't think so.
Ride the Zipper?
Ride list for Houston. The Raptor coaster renamed and re themed Windstorm. RCS. very big on super spectacular rides. Wades right up there with with RCS. Names close but behind a touch imho. All 3 got big big wheels. The titan and raptor flume and wades rc 48 fighter and soon XXl names got the 2 flume water rides

I wonder if name could make Doppel Loop financially feasible. The way wade woods did the big wheel should work for a big coaster. No commision no pay one price.
Names routing is different than Conklin. They could keep a coaster in the usa south big spots miami tulsa columbia. A few Independent spots