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looks impressive to me... 11 o2 12 multi-trailer rides this year which considering the help situation is great. Normally the have more than that.
I thought the Wood/Wade big wheel was there as well?
Originally Posted by: itsapartytx 

What happen to Wood brining in his rides that included the famous Magnum ride.

The Magnum is set up in Ocean City MD for the summer. The Wood/Wade wheel was there also, but it left and the Magnum remained. The Techno Power was also there for a while
Never been, but I'm guessing it's a short season up there...
Ride the Zipper?
What happen to Wood brining in his rides that included the famous Magnum ride.
Yeah they need more spectaculars. Wish they could have some of the big Reithoffer and Wade pieces like Air Race, Stinger, Super Himalaya, Fighter, Enterprise, Twister (Crazy Dance), etc.
I've never been impressed by MN State Fair's midway. Yaaawwwwn.
I think I found the ride list on the MN State Fair website, here it is:

Mighty Midway:
Air Maxx
Alpine Bobs
Arabian Daze Fun House
Beach Party
Cliff Hanger
Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster
Haunted Castle Dark Ride
Magic Maze Glass House
New York New York Fun House
Riptide roller coaster*
Rock Star
Sea Ray
Sky Flyer
Starship 3000
Techno Power
Zero Gravity

Beetle Bobs
Big Bamboo Fun House
Bumble Bees*
Cars, Motorcycles & Dune Buggies
Charlie Chopper
Clown Around
Combination Carousel
Dive Bomber
Dragon Wagon
Ghost Pirate Dark Ride
Hog Rally
Kiddie Bumper Boats
Kiddie Ferris Wheel
Kite Flyer
Lady Bug
Mini Swings
Monkey Maze Glass House
Monster Truck
Puppy Express
Safari Train
Samba Balloon
Sky Race*
Tractor Ride
Wave Swinger
Winky the Whale

*New in 2021

Also the great Magnum wasn’t on the list. Space Roller wasn’t either because it’s in Nebraska and it hasn’t been to the MN State Fair in years.