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Never moved a Sizzler but I liked the Scrambler and the Merry Mixer. Scrambler was better to move but our Mixer had a gas engine which was more fun to run...
Ride the Zipper?
So find out today that Amusements of America is going to play here next week with a smaller unit for a spring fair. Drove by today and nothing but a few joints there, but they were laying out the lot, waiting on rides to show up and will let you all know what they bring in. I am kinda hoping that its the second unit so I can see the Eli Bridge Scrambler (if they bring it), much rather see/ride that than Sizzler (no offence to Sizzler ride owners or Wisdom), just like the old classic better.

Anyhow, going to keep checking around and the spring fair in May with Drew still seems to be on, so looking forward to that.
Well, looks like we will have our Fair in May here with Drew, looking forward to it as it will be my first one since 2019, well let you know what he brings in this year, figuring we might get the new Giant Wheel.

Watching for any shows that might show up here in South Carolina (upstate) while headed North, maybe.