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carnie62618 - email us here  so we can get your account set to a new email address - the one on file is no longer active.
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In looking over the history of the forums and the database, it seems that about every 3-5 years, we go through a major software update.

Ironically, in keeping with tradition - there is an upgrade to the forums coming VERY SOON - just about 4 years after the last core update.

The servers that power MCW and the forum have recently been upgraded -- and some users are experiencing hiccups if they were logged into the forums before the upgrade and then have tried to visit after they came back online. From what we can tell, closing the browser window and trying again seems to help. We would say "logout" but that's kind of impossible considering the forum won't load in the first place. Deleting your cookies for and should do the trick.

Moving on - now that the behind-the-scenes equipment that powers the forums has been updated, it's time to upgrade the forum code as well - and as such, sometime in the next few days, the forums will re-appear with a whole new look, some new features, and some changes. I've spent quite a bit of time going through the new layout and it is easier to use, easier to read, and tends to work better on both desktops and mobile devices quite well. I know that some users here (myself included) hate change. If it works, don't change it -- but to be honest - this one is worth getting used to.

This thread will remain open for users who might be having issues after the update, etc.

Any problems with getting your account reset or getting logged back in - email  so we can get it sorted --