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I was about 12... Walked onto the Pugh lot at St. Peter church in Harper Woods, Michigan. Asked for a job in the ring a bottle joint. Jody Tilton hired me for the weekend.

I'd say that's where life went wrong for me. 😂
My first was actually just a still date, Larry's amusements, helping out set up kiddie coaster, believe it was a Go Gator. From there helped on Deggeller as my first fair. Helped with Bulgy the Whale, Huss Breakdance, Music Express *(big one).
I had a buddy ran a bobo dip for his uncle. Has just opened and the midway was dead. I was walking by and he tossed me a ball and I just tossed it at the target as I was walking by. Hit dead center and dumped the clown. First and only time I ever through a ball at the dip....
Ride the Zipper?
I was mainly a jointee myself but over 40+ years in the business I did it all.... games (most of the time), rides, food and straight sales. My first job/game was a machine gun there in Tulsa. My very first player did it. I had just listened to Floyd tell me for 10 minutes straight how hard this game was and that I would probably not see a winner for weeks or months. I looked and looked for that red speck... finally gave it to Floyd , he checked it ...looked at me and started laughing his ass off lol..... told to give the man his prize. I actually took that as an omen tbh that maybe this "job" was for me. Turned out it sure was.
An end, even with terror, is better than terror without end. F.Neitzsche
I hired on with Atlas Greater Shows winter quarters in '76. First spot was a still date of some kind in LA or Orange county, don't remember.

I do remember I was working the tubs-of-fun and Buldgy.

It was at least two weeks before I was driving....
Ride the Zipper?
Since I'm tripping down memory lane today...... What was the first Fair/Festival/Still date you ever worked? Mine was the Tulsa Indoor Fun Fair with Murphy Brothers. In February I think it was, 1980. Traveled with Murphy's for 2 straight seasons after that. Guess Wade Shows was the next carnival I worked for but it was only a real nice mid size show then. I remember when he bought that Enterprise, first spot for it was Fowlerville Michigan. Was painted black and orange and called "The Witches Wheel". Wasn't that the same Enterprise that killed those people down in Texas? That's what we all heard anyway. But, I digress... was YOUR first spot a major fair or a still date etc.?
An end, even with terror, is better than terror without end. F.Neitzsche