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Understand Bill P., thank you for the follow up information.
I believe Midway Rides of Utica has change their name to Midway Rides Unlimited. Still lets them use the MRU initials. Show MAY have been sold but I can't confirm.
I think you are correct about those names Thunderbolt. Is Midway Rides of Utica still in business?
I think Hildebrand was playing it each summer for several years, I also believe Midway Rides of Utica did one year as well.
I was in North Myrtle Beach this week and saw Strates Shows next to the OD Lounge & Arcade. I think there used to be another show there a couple years ago. Looked like some real nice rides; big wheel, super loops, Himalaya, rock star and others. I guess they will take any and every opportunity they can to make some money.
Strates is now in north myrtle beach. nice lineup it appears from passing by. get back by next week. spot at race track was wet when I stopped. talked with John for awhile. IMO wrong time for fair there but I understand the timing and routing as the meadowlands was still on when they booked the dates. not as big of midway as in past but they had what they needed for the timing and attendance.
Originally Posted by: Bill P 

Strates midway at Horry County had 30 rides. Maybe smaller than usual but I wouldn't call that a small midway.

Your correct, should have used a better term, Strates always does a good job so yeah just smaller than normal.
Strates midway at Horry County had 30 rides. Maybe smaller than usual but I wouldn't call that a small midway.
Well made my trip and although I didn't get to the fair, I figure I wouldn't like it anyway with such a small midway. Now don't get me wrong, not blaming Strates or the fair, just a result of the situation we are in right now, I blame China and covid19.

Did go by AofA's WQ on the way down, going down saw the Century Wheel, Zero Gravity, half of the old Fireball and lots of concession trailers and house trailers setting on the fairgrounds. When we came back up the Century Wheel and Zero Gravity were gone.

The Family Kingdom park was open, but the Chance Giant Wheel and Scrambler were tore down, Scrambler was completely gone while only the towers of the G. Wheel were there, I believe the Pirate Ship was missing as well. Not sure if they are just redoing them, or changing things up.

Went to Broadway on the Beach and big changes there. Pavilion East is gone, the Rocket swing ride, the Pirate, Caterpillar, and all other rides and buildings, leveled off. Looks like they are getting ready to rebuild, I hope new rides as the MGR is still there but closed up.

Pavilion West still there with the Giant Wheel, Scrambler, and assorted kiddie rides, and Pavilion Central had some new rides, the Wave Swinger was moved there and they added a new Rock and Roll Himalaya, they still have the American Swing (bobs ride), the Beast, Turbo/G Force, Slide, mini Moonraker, and a few others.
Headed there in a couple of weeks, plan to visit Strates at the Horry County Fair, and the parks in the area that are open back up now.

But was wondering if any other shows would be around or on the way along 26, 20, or I-95, the week starting July 11.