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Overall, it looks good. One constructive criticism is the top of the roulette wheel looks to large and out of place. It also is lacking some detail. See here:


Also, how easy would it be to sand off the symbols on the cars so they would be smooth. The model I would be modeling did not have those and maybe it could even be an option.

I am looking forward to the trailer mounted version with the correct style fence, banjos, curved lighting, sign, A-frames, etc. I am looking to model a specific casino and have had the photos of the scenery I was going to use for years so I can make an exact replica.

It is what you learn, after you know it all, that counts.
Amazing work! Will it run FW and BW?
Its been a while since I posted here but I thought I would share this model. It has been off and on my work bench for the last six mos or so. I have designed a mechanical system that turns the deck and the turret and I am happy where it is. Last I added a Servo (like those used on Radio Control models) to do the lift. Then to tie it all together I used a micro computer with my custom program to control the three drives. The ride portion will be available on Shapeways but the mechanical will, at least for now. be something that I build separately. The model at this point is GM and I hope to add a trailer and make it carnival worthy but the mechanical is a beast and it will take me some work to get it to where I am happy with it. Next I need to add the fence, lighting and ride appropriate graphics and or back wall for the three versions. Let me know what you think here or shoot me an email to. I will also be building the entire model on a Cummons style box. Not sure of the price yet.

here is a link to the model running Thanks Rich