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I have found it:
It went off to Adventureland in Iowa for only 1 season in 1988. But where did it go afterwards?


Someone wrote here its in Australia? 
amusementsofamerica had one. do you have infos? there are no pics online
Maybee rusting away in New Orlarleans. See Above.
There is a Huss Rainbow facebook page out there, you can try it via google.

I know there is also a wiki page for the Huss Rainbow and they have a list of Rainbow's still operating and shut down, not sure if your is on there, but you might give it try.

Yes, any number of people must know.
Ride the Zipper? 
a pic of it !

there was a HUSS rainbow at the Canadian Park LARONDE!
Its name was ARC EN CIEL ! It was at laronde from 1983 to 1987. Does anyone know where it has gone to after 1987?