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33 meter wheel was just a "loaner" till the 45 meter could be built. I believe the 33 meter one is going to some other park, but don't know where.

old one -- 33 meter-- is coming out and new 45 meter is going up.
So had a question about the new Giant Wheel going to Broadway in Myrtle Beach. I was this summer and they had install several new rides already, one being what looked like a new Giant Wheel, it was nice. So are they installing another one, maybe at the other end, or replacing the one that is there (was that a loan)?

Some of the other new rides I saw include a Matterhorn style ride, a new spinning kiddie coaster, a small kiddie Himi style ride, other kiddie rides.

Thankfully the Huss Pirate was still there, the Caterpillar, Wave Swinger as well.

Here is a link to the park: