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Haven't posted photos here in a while, thought I'd try to get some up.

Ok, can't figure out how to get the photos directly in the post, so here's my photo albums on facebook:

photos here 

and another set of pics 

(first 8 photos in the 2nd album are of the great themepark layout "Johnnyland" from years ago, not my models, I just saved them to my profile so I could make sure they wouldn't be lost since I think that guy has basically vanished from the net.

And just some background about what I'm trying to do. I want to make a themepark layout based on Hersheypark, but at the moment just have a bunch of models ready to go aswell as a lot of kits (mostly shapeways stuff from Rich) that I've got lined up to build and paint. Also have more stuff on order with Don, Anthony, Warren and John (

Most recent additions were Scrambler and Helicopters from Warren which are spectacular! I'm currently close to having the Flying Falcon (Huss Condor kit from Sven) and set of Frog Hoppers from Rich done, but don't have recent photos of those yet. Will do so when they're done.

Still not 100% sure about the ultimate scope and size of the layout. Debating having a section called the boardwalk which would be quazi part of the main layout but sort of separated. This would be based on my memories of the amusement piers on Ocean City, NJ. And would give me an excuse to double up on a few staples like Scrambler, Tilt, swinging ship etc.