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there are a few points. The "wire" has two wires in it. A center wire then an insulator and anoother wire wraped around the insulator. The center wire is tiny like a human hair but still pretty strong. The wire uses an adaptor that steps up the voltage from typically 12 v DC to around 110 volts AC at a high frequency but very low current. just go on Utube and see how the prows do it. Take a shot at it

Thanks Rich,

Yup, seen it all over ebay and amazon too. Just wasn't sure if there was maybe a trusted site anyone used that has quality stuff. Or is it all pretty much the same? Is there a good starter kit maybe? Never tried it, so don't know what to expect.
I don't know if many people here have used it. But what's a good source for buying it for the purposes of use on HO ride models?