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You've actually given me some great info that I didn't have before, thank you!
I was on D&F shows in the late 70's.The show was formed when they bought out Colberts shhow as mentioned above. Ellie and Bill were around. Ellie was a Colbert...and kind of still had a hand in the show operating the cotton Candy wagon.She had a few siblings (from what I can remember)Billie was a brother who committed suicide...Another brother...Possibly Dicky???? he had a couple nursing homes(I never met him) And sister Carol...She was married to Jimmy Fry...and I worked for them.

I Semi-remember your dad...I believe he was either disabled...or just a little sickly. He wasn't really involved with the show...just helped Ellie move the joint on Sunday nites.
Thats EVERYTHING I could tell you....almost 40 years ago is a LONG time.........
Thank you. I found his obituary but I'm still not sure of the connection. My father was Bill Towne and he married a woman named Ellie. My mother said Ellie was the carnival owner's daughter. I did find where Colbert's was sold in 67. They were probably married by then.
Again, any help is greatly appreciated.
I believe Colbert's Fiesta Shows was sold to Dean and Flynn that currently own Fiesta Shows today. The same family owned Colbert's Amusements out of Boylston Mass. Robert Colbert Jr. died 4 or 5 years ago. His obituary is still online. Hope this helps.
I'm doing some genealogy research and it seems my father married a woman whose family (perhaps) owned Colbert's Fiesta in the mid 60's. Does anyone here have any information that might help me confirm this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.