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Thanks, that was a neat video for the history of the industry. It was very interesting watching how some things have changed but some things are the same.
It is what you learn, after you know it all, that counts.
Thanks for the link, nice find.

I always enjoy seeing pics/video from the 70s...classic rides, many in their traditional colors.

Love seeing a Swinging Gym in action again, and the Scrambler seemed like it was really going fast. I would gladly have that midway today.
I've never been "with it", just been an interested observer of carnivals for more than 50 years.
Johnny's United Shows..."A Family Tradition" and "All for Fun, Fun for All".
The carnival of my youth, which had roots that originated in my hometown.
that makes sense as I rode that skywheel of theirs in Hagerstown Maryland a few years before this video bake when they used to play that spot. It was a big spot for them and included the motodrome back in the day. They used to bring in some big iron for that fair, then the fair committee went bankrupt and the fair was no more.
Originally Posted by: ridejocky 

Big A maybe?

Yes, It was A of A
Big A maybe?
Ride the Zipper?
who was the midway?
Very nice,
I see some familiar faces.
Watch "Orange County Fair - Middletown NY July 1978" on YouTube