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I just saw Matt replying in a thread on another base,IM GLAD HE IS STILL HERE!!!!!!!!

I cant believe how fast this site is!!!! (Its just about as fast as  (VBB))
Thank you for the welcome buddy!!!

Boy I havent been here in probably 2 years!!

Does Matt still come here or did he abandon it?? (I havent talked to him in maybe 5 years)

You think you can look into a basic editor option bud? -- Your a co-admin right??

Thanx for the kind words!!
Welcome Back Dude. You care to let us know where the hell you been? Good to have you back. WCP
WestCoastPat-Proud Mark of all things Carnival. STILL a "FAN BOY"-and proud of it.
Hello dues how are you??

Any chance of maybe getting an option to switch to a PLAIN TEXT/basic editor instead of the main editor? (With all the stuff there)

I usually enter my formatted text MANUALLY and It would just look nicer w/o the stuff above....

I would think maybe a setting in our preferences would control it... LIKE IT DOES ON VBB SITES 🙂 (I have BASIC EDITOR selected on them)

Im glad to see the site still here!!!!