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Originally Posted by: tom 

Does anyone know how the Bayern Kurve looks like the train lowers to the side as it goes faster.....looks awesome

Yes, it does, I worked on Nova's Bayern Kurve for a few weeks, and as you started the ride we would lower the train, and sometimes they would start lowering the train before they started.

I remember we had to keep checking the blocks ever so often because it liked to "walk".
On the See Sturm Bahn, Thats newer then Reithoffers. They had ALL wooden platforms that were HEAVY. NIce looking ride
Stop complaining...Nobody cares anyway!!
I found these 2 links of a Raupen Bahn and See Sturm Bahn overeas. Check out the idiots standing up in the Raupen Bahn video, and toward the end you see the canopy. Then see the set up photos of the See Sturm Bahn and near the bottom check out the nipples on the girl on the marquee.

Rapen Bahn video 

See Sturm Bahn set up 

Well maybe with New Mexico and possible new dates and/or bookings with indy fairs maybe they will reconsider if they think they can make money with it, just have to wait and see I guess.
Does anyone know how the Bayern Kurve looks like the train lowers to the side as it goes faster.....looks awesome
do any of you guys have any photos of these 2 rides in their heyday when they were shiny and fully working as bought
I wouldn't say gone for good on The Sea Strum Bahn. Its ready for a rebuild. Its all about the money. I would think rebuilding a 1 of a kind ride would be better then buying another "Himalaya" type ride. BUT, it's easier said then done, when it's not our money fixing it up. I'd love to take on that job!!

Raupen Bahn was new in 1981

Sea Strum Bahn in 1985
Stop complaining...Nobody cares anyway!!
The Raupen Bahn was the height of German manufacturing. The thing just looked it was built to last a lifetime. It's a testament to it's builders, operators, and owners that she's still out on the road for close to 40 years. I saw it 3 years longer operating with the canvas cover coming over the top. Not quite the same experience visually...but I'm sure insurance would no longer permit that.

The SEA STURHM BAHN was a different kind of ride. Pat Reithoffer envisioned this piece to be a family ride. He saw it operating in Germany with many of the riders being adults.He thought the same could happen here in the states. Mrs Reithoffer loved the ride. Only big band music was allowed to be ROCK N ROLL.It was a work of art to look at. Water fountains in the middle of the open top, beautiful scenery and lights.I don't think it ever won the money the Reithoffers envisioned...and always seemed to take longer to up and down then any other ride.
I asked Rick about it 5,6 years ago...said it was in Florida and would need a COMPLETE refurbishment costing over 100k to get her back out and that probably wasn't going to happen. A recent picture of it on the Reithoffer F.B. page said she's gone for good.
Carowinds has one sorta like the see storm, no top and in kiddie land not sure if Mack or built by someone else.

First time I saw it with Reithoffer was still date at a mall here, they still had the Diver and Trooper as well with some rides. That was 85 and it really looked sharp, had an Explorer too in back which was booked in, two backend pieces, hurricane, r-up, S Loops and kiddie land.

That Raupen Bahn was bad-ass new, but it got thrashed pretty quick.

Ride the Zipper?