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Yes Matt I showed you the model engine I had been making by hand and the one I designed and printed via shapeways. Andrew really made it look good with his paint job. The track is one piece, and the bridge comes in four pieces and the hitch as a separate part. The train is in four parts. Basically the model is built and detailed all you need to do is minimal assembly and paint it.

Rich looks great. Is this the same Rio Grande train you showed me in Gibtown?
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Nice work.

I do not think you would get a z scale motor to fit under the locomotive. The smallest you will find is the marklin 3 axle trains where the motor is very big and at least on the marklin trains fits the entire cab.
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That looks really good Rich! So they come in one piece like shown? Just need to paint them?

That is very impressive. I've been wanting to model this but just couldn't get the track scaled right.
Ok take your motor and measure the length width and height and send me the information. I can then use the software to see if it will fit inside the model. If not I Can see how much bigger I would have to make it to fit. Send the information to It would be special but I can do it I am pretty sure.

You mentioned about using z-scale wheels under the cars. How involved would it be to put an actual z-scale motor unit into the engine?? The shape of the train was the main thing that stopped me from building one For my lot. It seems like you got the Shapes of the train down correctly.
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Really cool Rich, can't wait to see it painted up and together.
Yep the train is built and the trailer/bridge is in 4 pieces but all the detail in already on them. The sign is in two pieces to make it easier to paint the letters and turbos. The Trailer hitch is separate since it usually just sits to the side when the ride is set up.
Thanks for your interest. If you want to add the train trucks then that is all the train needs.
Here are some pictures of the ones I just got that they printed. Note the sign TRAIN STATION and the trailer hitch are not shown. I just added them today
That looks really good Rich! So they come in one piece like shown? Just need to paint them?
This is my first model I am offering via Shapeways. This model is the Rio Grande HO 1/87 scale of the Kiddie ride that travels with a lot of the shows today. I have designed the model to be as close to the actual ride that I can. There are a few things that Shapeways will not let you do as far as thicknesses are concerned. The model comes in three parts. The train including the engine, two cars and the caboose, the trailer/bridge, sign,removeable hitch and track and finally a third set including the top and bottom of the trailer. I have printed them on my machine then ordered a set from shapeways and I am happy with the result. I think you will be too! Painting will be a challenge so get a good set of glasses and small paint burshes. Here is a link to my shop where you can see the things I have for sale so far. You can search for RIo and get some of my stuff then pick view shop to see the other things. Try this link to get you there quicker. 
Shapeways is not cheep but it is really cool stuff they can produce. I have over two hundred hours in the software to send to get it to print, mainly for two reasons; first I am still learning the software and I am pretty picky as to what I will put my name on and if I do not like it it will not be sold.
You can add Z scale train trucks to the train to make it sit on the track on wheels. These are not supplied with the parts from shapeways.
Stay tuned, I am working on my pet project of over three years to get a hurricane that will run.