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That looks great Rich, didn't realize you had done some of this.
Hi there Dr Nick,
Here is a model I made using el wire

There are many places on utube about how to do it. First the wire has a center wire then a tube coated with chemicals that glow that is wrapped with two really fine wires. The voltage applied via a converter driven usually by dc batteries concerts it to a high voltage AC around 120 volts. It will not kill ya but it will tingle. You can get sets of wire and converter on Ebay for around ten dollars to play with

soldering instructions 

el wire with battery pack adaptor. 2.3 mm

They even make a chasing EL wire, I have not played with that yet but will some day. More intreaging is they now make leds that are adressable like the ones on the full size rides. This is really interesting stuff and getting better every day.

Pm me or call me is you need more info on the el wire.
Like the stuff TJ use to do. Anyone here have experience in it for HO? Or have a source or beginner's kit they would recommend? I've never done it before, looks difficult, but thinking of trying to learn it. At least some of the simpler stuff like on non-moving parts, running lights and stuff like that to start out.