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the one in las vegas is 550 ft tall, worlds record for now.i saw it in person back in dec,very impressive.
The tallest Wheel to date that I've ridden so far is the SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach. I know just by looking at the La Grande, it knocks that SkyWheel out of the ball park! The one in Vegas looks super tall too!
Last I heard the wheel in paris is a Mondial Diamond wheel, think they switch them out each spring
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I think the one that opened in las vegas this year is now the tallest in the world isn't it?
I rode it a few years ago - there's a few virtually identical wheels in Europe built by Bussink. Gothenburg had one for awhile too that I've also been on. It's kinda interesting - decent sized cabins, music plays through speakers, has climate controls.
I saw it tonight on that reality show, The Bachelorette and noticed as they were riding it, the gondolas are able to spin and the Wheel itself is rather tall too! [:0] The only other Wheel I know that has spinning gondolas like that is the Sun Wheel. Strates had the Sun Wheel on their midway at the NC State Fair in 1994 as I have video of it on a VHS tape somewhere around here. Anyway, just wanted to know the exact height of the La Grande Wheel and who's the maker of it? I know just by looking at it, it's most likely taller than that SkyWheel down at Myrtle Beach.. I probably won't ever get to ride it (La Grande Rou) as I've never been overseas before. Therefore, I won't ever get to enjoy those large fairs they have over there either, or a ride on the KMG XXL. ✌ ....unless a park or show here in the states buys a KMG XXL.