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Thanks for sharing the photos RRSHOW1. Really enjoyed them. I saw your family's equipment booked with Crown Amusements a few years ago in Toledo, OH at the Sports Arena, Memorial Day spot. Nice looking equipment.
Great photos, so glad you chose to share them with us. I'm a sucker for the nostalgic past on the midway, so these photos have me drooling. Again, big thanks!![:D][:D]
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RRshow1 ...such wonderful memories ! and you have pics of the org.
wall of death ! that is soooo awsome ! I have not seen one of them in so long. Strates finally took it off the raod in 1978 . Johnny Silversmith (the indian) did the trick riding for them back then !
wow such awsome pics !
I have to laugh at Mr Ej in the boots I remember him in nothing but them damn wing tips shoes.[:D][8D]
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Just uploaded more to RRSHOW1 and RRSHOW2 Hope you like em
love the photos, especially bill brownings work, he's one of my favorite banner artists.[8D]
Great photos! I really enjoy seeing the old photos. I love carnival history, keep 'em coming! [:)]
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That derby was built in custom Orlando Florida by a cabinetmaker, Bill Canavan. Other parts came from the original Santa Anita Derbies, made in Ca. We did a lot of modifications to the game in the lighting and signs and the stepping relays.

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I guess i typed to soon!Wow that is one of chucks derbies!!I recognize the lexan with the horses screen printed on!My mom still has her derbie out in the field beside her house!!!
hey rrshow is that a chuck berkastrand water game by chance?My mom had a pinball derby that chuck made
Good to see someone posted the oldies photos, great to review.