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Given the problem I can most likely come up with a workable option I love an engineering problem....keeps my mind from going to crap. ha ha ha
Thats the exact scenario I was thinking of. All of my bases are wired on two circuits. The 110 lamp cord powers the bases and lighting once switched on, then the ride motors/controls are on their own switch (which gets its power from that 110 cord). I like the lights to be on the whole time.
Hope to see you in FL as well Rich. Stop by and say hello. We're in the breezeway.
Matt Cook
Matt's Carnival Warehouse / Matt's Web Design 
Always wanted something like this!!!
Thanks Ted and Matt I hope I will see you guys next mo.

Matt I would have to think about that one but my first thought would be to build a small Capacitor style battery system that would carry the lights through the "loading cycle time".....the first run cycle would charge the capacitor then it would supply the power to the lights when the ride power was off. Had not thought about that though.

Neat idea Rich! My only issue is the 110v input to all my rides runs the motor and lights. So, the rides would almost need to be rewired so that the motor is on a separate circuit. That way, the light stay on and the motor just turn on and off.

I like it though!
Matt Cook
Matt's Carnival Warehouse / Matt's Web Design 
This is my version of a show control system for you owners of running models. This one has 16 120 volt standard outlets that can handle one amp each of current. The program turns on and off each outlet independently. I can customize each time cycle to what you want. You can use all sixteen or just a few they are all separate. Each outlet is separately fused for protection and then the entire system is also fused. Here is a clip of it in operation. Note I only had 9 lights to use for the demo.