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Well I watched American Pickers. Very interesting segment with Ward Hall.

I was surprised at how "tossed" Ward's side show props were. I guess Ward's the REAL show...everything else is just window dressing.

I was disappointed they didn't spend more time looking at his stuff. I did see Ward's ventriloquist's dummy on top of a pile of stuff, and Ward did a little bit of his sideshow bally, but not much.

Still, it's good to see him and Chris again.

Please do not exit the ride until it comes to a complete stop.
Heys guys - I don't know if this topic was mentioned here(looked quick - didn't see it), while I'm on the computer - I have TV on(happened to be on History Channel). They just advertised that this coming Monday night(June 3rd), they(American Pickers) will be going to visit Ward Hall. Just thought that I'd pass this along for those of you who might be interested in watching.