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There were times when Reithoffer fielded 3 or 4 units. In 70's I think they had blue, orange, red and green. Later I heard references to a gold unit which appeared in the south in the fall.
Only know of them having 1 sky wheel 1 Diver, 1 Turbo, 1 Bob, saw a couple different Himalaya's on the show in 70's-80's but some may have been book-ons. Oh, they did have a Mack Musik Express in 87 'cause I saw the trailer labeled "Reithoffer's Musik Express". Raupen Bahn was theirs, now Super cat, Sea Storm, Huss Tornado, etc.
This would be back in the early 60s. They had had acquired a reputation for moving the show. They earned the Grasshopper because they moved the show so fast and efficiently. Just a bit of history. I can't remember how many pcs of iron they had

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The green unit of the Reithoffer Shows played several locations in my area from the 1970's - 2000 when that unit folded.

Most of that time they would bring pretty much the same ride lineup every year.

1) Himalaya
2) Skat
3) Scrambler
4) Tilt
5) Ferris Wheel
6) Dark Ride - Satan's Swamphouse - a ride thru spook house where you rode through in cages attached to the ceiling.

The rest were kiddie rides.

Towards the mid - late 1990's they started to change their ride lineup and I can remember them bringing a Century Wheel, Sky Wheel, Hi - Roller, etc.
Was thinking about a couple of things on Reithoffer the other day and wanted to ask around and see if anybody could answer.

I know Reithoffer had up to three units at one time (Blue, Orange, and Green). Did they always have more than one unit, and before the days of the two Giant Wheels did they have two Sky Wheels or just one. I know they had a Sky Diver for a while which I saw back in 85 before they got ride of it, and they carried some 16 seat standard wheels, but did they have a Rok O Plane as well.

As far as music rides I know they had a Flying Bobs, does anyone know what happened to that one or was it traded in on the ThunderBolt (Tidal Wave)?

They had two Tip Tops, Casino, Cobra, Hurricane, and Chance Twister..have these been sold, or just sitting at WQ.

Any help would be great!