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The pics are great....

I would like to get into modeling but see I like fully operational model... (always aiming high). but I don't know where to start or where to find the materials etc

any advice...
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Originally posted by jimb

Nice layout Mike. Love your himalaya,Matt did a great job.

that he did, i love it and i cant say enough about the great job matt did, even though he forgot peice of my scenery [}:)][}:)][}:)] and as for the rest of my layout, im looking forward to the few pieces i have comming from Don in upcomming years

btw. i added more pics lol dont mind the pic of the starship, i was bored
Nice layout Mike. Love your himalaya,Matt did a great job.
Looks good, Mike. And yeah, Rainman's Gravitron looks fantastic, cannot beliebe he still thinks it needs a lot of work, LOL. [:)]
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Great Pictures! [;)][:D]
And yes, Rainmans Graphics are Great! [;)][:D]
I recently went to ride modelers group to look at rainmans gravitron which btw looks outstanding (much better then rah imo) but, i decided to give his water race and other game joints another run, so i did and heres a shot of my 1st one (i edited the colors a little more to suit my needs [:D]) 

might take a little while for them to get up, but they are patient