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Originally Posted by: paulmbe 

No Reserve cash is just that highest bidder with $100 dollar bills takes it home go see Jake means Jake gets to pay for the lawyer and my time ultimately !!

BINGO! And I came all the way out here from Arizonia... and got a sister that I can stay with on the court dates... Yep you can bet your last peice of brass on that one.

The Wheel on is the one that sold for $800.

The PA Showmen auction at Jake's was not advertised as an absolute auction, may have been interpreted or perhaps, misinterpreted as an absolute auction, but I can see where it would be awful upsetting to come any distance to pay "asking price" at an auction. It was originally a fundraiser to liquidate and redistribute each others junk or collections (or whatever you want to call it). After a couple of those sales went on, he then decided to add all of those big items to try and draw a crowd from a broader spectrum. No other such auction has since occurred. For what it is worth, hopefully I made some sense.
No Reserve cash is just that highest bidder with $100 dollar bills takes it home go see Jake means Jake gets to pay for the lawyer and my time ultimately !!
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KC, First for posting the information. Question, Is that the Wheel that was at the Auction and is now list on UR for $12,000? Thanks Again.
I did attend. There were about 10 registered bidders. The equipment was all in need of work, but it was all repairable. The wheel was very unique. The misc. was some cotton candy machines, some slot machines, fence feet, and a knock down ticket box. I thought as I was leaving for the sale to grab my digital camera and sure wish I would have.
KC, First, Thank You for the information provided. Couple of questions if I may:

Were you able to attend?


Condition of Equipment?

What did the misc. consist of?


Thanks again.
This might be off by a bit, but this is about how things went;
Wheel 800 Octopus 3,100 Tractor 2,600 Kids Town 3,500 Childress Coaster 4,000 Popper 1,500 Pony Cart Fire Truck Combo 2,500 Bunkhouse 1,900

The Generator and Straight job were not present.

Originally Posted by: jimb 

Was anybody able to attend?

Yes, did anyone and do you have the dollar amount and equipment that was sold?? Just curious to see what some of that equipment sold for.

Was anybody able to attend?
Originally Posted by: Scott 

Did the terms state that the owner had the right to refuse the top offer?

If not I'd hire a lawyer. They should have set a minimum.

They all acted like it was a big joke, I was invited by Tommy C from Charter Finance and he was pretty upset about it too. My sister lives in PA and her son bought a couple of older arcade video games. I bid on a Popper, a Hampton and Majestic's Carousel - had the high bid and then got the "go talk to Jake" bs. They got a bunch of people up there for the rides and then auctioned off all of this crap/junk and that money supposedly went to the PA Showmen's Club. I never get mad but I never forget either and one day I will get mine.