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with that, its happened to me aswell, you cannot open or close the park when the below 700 objective is there, its dumb i know, and no its ok for you to have 2 entrances!
Thats another thing i think there open but the the button that lets you open rides and the park is not there in the open park window there is a flag but its just an indentation.

i have had the same thing happen to me. i changed the objective to build 10 roller coasters
daniel, make sure your front gate is open lol
Help game is making me mad.I made ascenrion that i really like and i went into the game to play it and after 6 weeks of now guest it say s you failed you objectives well i went into to change it cant find anything oh wait its a thing called park rating cant go lowwer then something well theres no guests and i try all advertisement campaigns and no one comes they end up shuting the whole park down like a regulation type thing.need help any advice oh i do also have to entry areas one in the back one in front is this the probelm.