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So, with the re-release of the tea cups, i was thinking of doing one similar to Wade's that is themed/wrapped like Mac N Cheese containers
was thinking of doing a bunch with food themes

i might buy the polyp set for kiddie land, always liked that one even though i think its not very realistic

also plan to order the circus and high wire show act for my carnival
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That's cool to see the Tea Cups back. Wish they would have maybee done different colors or something though. I always liked the Tea Cups, never cared for the old Polyps since they don't look anything like the real life Octopus/Monsters.
pdf of the Faller Pirate, ship assembly manual is available on their site, in case anyone wants to preview the instructions before they get their kit. Looks like you could leave off the higher parts on the ends of the boat to keep it looking like a Pirate. But you'd need to custom make your own sign and redo the scenery. Would have been nice if they made the kit so you could build it either way.
Looks like Faller is re-releasing the old Tea Cup ride.

Tea Cups 

aswell the old Polyp/Octo 
thanks nick
some told me they are/did discontinue it, so i wanted to check
i got the kit, needs a lot of new parts to finish it

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nick, where did ya find that out
shame they stopped producing the octo* or do they still make it?
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Looks like they're re-releasing the old Polyp/Octopus. Really? Is that it? Anyone hear anything else? Maybee an off chance something else will be announced?
It swings nicely, but i think it swings a little too high. If the real Huss Pirate swung that high, people in the end seats would be coming out, up, & over the lap bar! [:0] That drive is more suitable for a model of the KMG FireBall or Freak Out.