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Cool, thanks everyone
hey thunderbolt,
i saw deggeller's wild mouse/crazy mouse set up in their WQ around december 22nd
the plan is to have it ready by july for the salem, VA fair
the flipper(supernova) took priority last winter, so this year the coaster is the priority
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Thanks Matt,yeah wish I could be in Gibtown this year but can't make it.
JW reported on the Sky Diver being restored by Mulligan here on MCW. He may have more info on it; or I am sure he will around the time of Gibtown!!
Matt Cook
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Was wondering if anyone heard anything on the following since we are at the start of the new year and about to begin the new season:

Deggeller's Crazy Mouse Coaster - is it ready to hit the road this year as planned? Any idea about where its playing (maybe FSF?)

Reithoffers old Mack Music Ride - The Mack See Sturm Bahn)heard they were considering revamp and sending back out (or is that just wishful thinking on my part and someone pulling my leg)

A Sky Diver being restored in Gibtown by Mulligan I think, was reported either on here or with Carnival mag (American showowners, going over seas? etc)

and anything you all may have heard bout rides, i know Matt will publish updates about new purchases, but kinda interested in the old ones.