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Funny, this ain't the first time we've broke up. I'm sure you'll read this and I don't care whether or not you reply.

I must not be too bad to work for because we have people calling all the time wanting to work. I pay the good ones well and don't keep the bad ones, it's as simple as that. If they envy my making money and ask for more than I'm willing to pay there are plenty waiting in the wings for a chance to work.

I'm sure the good Hostess employees found work fast, and the bad ones will be supported by the government, that is, the taxes taken from the good ones' paychecks. I'm also sure the owners saw the handwriting on the wall as far as the snack food business goes and knew to get out with as much money as legally possible. There are plenty of safety nets for workers but not so much for investors if a company folds.
The employees went to work and got paid for their time. They didn't dig into their pockets to buy stock in the company and help it make a profit. Their only risk was one pay period at most. I have never had anybody tell me to pay them less because we blanked out, but I've had plenty ask for more at a good spot. I have very little sympathy for most of the working class.
What happened was the employees tried to tell the owners how much they were going to pay them and the owners said no thanks, I'll take my money and go home. The employees had nothing at risk and the owners did, so the owners get to call the shots.
Benji if you would've taken away the executives salaries it would have only given the employees an extra $111 a yr each. That's just a lil over $2.00 a week. So give me a break.
It is easy to blame the unions. I am not saying they don't have any fault but in this case the management has to take some of the blame here too. The top executives salaries were increased prior to filing for bankruptcy.

It is what you learn, after you know it all, that counts.
I was talking to one of the delivery drivers for hostess, merita and wonder bread a few days ago and he stated he gave up 27,000 dollars a few years back but yet the execs would not take a pay cut with the execs making 2 million a year. If the execs gave up all their money that would be about 111 dollars for each employee but then who would run the company. He is going to draw unemployment now but I wonder if the union is going to support him in any way. He is an older guy but not close to social security. Hope he had a good 401 or 403 plan or maybe the union supplies a pension plan. who knows.
The company that I work for, "almost" went union. Out of about 60 employees, 3-4 wanted to go union. So while "we" were deciding "in what direction to go", the Union, showed up out on the street with their 18-wheeler box trailer loaded with lights - nice and shiney. They(union) had told us and passed out paper work on the subject and were looking for more companys to go union because they said they were running low on cash. I told them - well...... if you need more cash - "get rid of your expensive diesel running tractor-trailers" and you'll save a ton of cash !! The "look" they gave me, and didn't say anything.
The Teamster bosses told the Bakers union their reps were lying to them, there were no buyers and no money. Why didn't Obama bail them out? They had already voted him in is why. That should be a wake up call for 2014. Still nothing on Keystone....more union jobs lost. Union members.. quit being suckers and recall your union bosses and get the idiots out of congress that vote with Obama or there will be nothing.
I'm there, Old, Tired, Broke and Henpecked
Thanks to the union, over 18,000 folks lose their jobs, and right before the holiday season, too. So there you go, remember to look for that union label!
"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -- Mark Twain
Oh well. Glad I don't buy their products.

I thought this was going to be a story about generators and electricians being sent away from NY and NJ, while residents have no power.
Every crowd has a silver lining - PT Barnum