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Speaking of names, when I first saw the Cortina Bobs as a kid I thought it said "Carolina Bobs", wasn't really paying attention I guess.
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Disneyland has taken the boob cam off Splash Mountain.[badidea]

What exactly is the bad idea?

When I was really young, I thought the Flying Bobs said Flying Boobs and thought the cars were boobs. Whenever I rode it, I would look for boobies on the scenery. LOL. I think I was around 5 or 6. I think that's why it was always my favorite ride.
LOL I'll never forget the sight of my first was way back in 1966 when the William D. Stanley Shows was setting up the Decoration Day (now called Memorial Day) spot in Aurora, Ill. I thought it was a very high, giant ferris wheel, since just the wheel itself was set up and the outer spokes and cars weren't yet attached. I couldn't figure out for the life of me how people were supposed to climb so high to get up on that wheel when the "seats" would be attached. I learned fast that this was no mild "ferris wheel" !
I don't remember any ride expectations. What I remember is liking carnivals over the circus, because a circus is where you went to watch other people do fun stuff, and the carnival is where you could do the fun stuff yourself.
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When I was about 5 or 6 I though that the spotlights were rides.[dunce]
myself i liked the looks of a number 5 or 12 eli. with wood seats. just the slow turn when lot was slow with old leroy gas motor. always impressed me. i often think does anyone still move a g.m. thnx bigjlh
For me it was the Ferris wheel. I was fascinated by it. I was amazed that a structure that massive would be an empty on Sat nite and by Sunday afternoon there it was. I am still amazed by Eli Bridge for the concept. I handled wheels for years and did fabrication as well. Truly an engineering feat.
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I didn't post this under Ride Discussion as it's a bit too silly to post under there, but i was curious what others here thought when they were kids that rides looked like to them before they actually found out what it really was? I myself? ..the first time i saw a Sky Diver, which was Tolve Presentation's Diver, from a distance, i said to myself, That looks like a ferris wheel with hi-top tennis shoes on it. LOL Because, from a distance, the shapes of the cars do resemble shoes a little. With the HUSS Rainbow's theme, i used to think that the cloud-like gondola was taking people up to Heaven for a visit & then back down to Earth again...just the way that the gondola looked, like that of a cloud with angels standing on the sides...then, i later found out they were island girls instead. lol One more ride that made my imagination wonder was the Scat when i first saw it. I thought with the gondolas spinning, going up at the high end, then back down again, resembled an egg beater quite a bit. Back to the Sky Diver, when i first saw the name, i thought it said "Sky Driver"...seeing as the cars have steering wheels in them and you're sorta "driving" it, and they go up into the Sky. That name would had fit the ride perfectly too, but Sky Diver stuck with whoever created it & it's a great name to a great ride!